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August 07, 2006


Cara Chesser

I have to admit that I was one of the people that visited a seminar which was held in Louisville, Ky at the Galt House and I'm only 41yrs of age and I fell for it and purchased a website and the package deal for $3200 back in January and my website is still not in operation and they are very slow to helping as promised. I'm having to try and figure out myself how to design my webpage and I have to count this money as "Gone" and a lesson well learned at a very pricey expense. I personally would not advise anyone to purchase from OPA and to find other ways of making money quick & easy. I've learned there are free dropshippers out there that will let you list on E-bay for nothing with free shipping and you dont even have to have a webpage to do so, although may not make a hundred grand a year unless you put alot of hours and effort into E-bay. All I have to say is for people to stay away from Get Rich Seminars and TV info-mercials. these are only people taking from the poor and hard working blue collar workers. My advice Stay away from anyone or any business asking for money to help you make money!!!!!


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