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November 01, 2007


James Simpson

At 54, and having succeeded starting and running my own service businesses for my entire life, I started looking around for a sales position so that I could sell and "semi" retire. In the last year, after looking at (literally) a couple hundred ads, I found not one job that I felt was advertising itself honestly. Geez, here I go again, I'm starting up a High Def TV advertising company. The good thing is that the opportunity is SO unique, affordable and without competition, that I can be honest...real features and benefits. I'm grateful to not have to go down the wrong path at this late date. I pity my contemporaries that have little or no choice. Thanks for staying on point, some of us need the inspiration.

Chris Marshall

I agree. Not all nurses want to be doctors, nor should they be belittled for finding their niche.

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